Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thought 49: The Economy

We are controlled by words as much as if not more so than anything else.

'The Economy' (note the upper case 'E') is one such a word. It is an authoritarian, hierarchy-friendly, controlling concept designed to be seen as a self-evident axiom (see Ideology and Mathematics) justifying immoral actions and deeds such as exploitation, planet destruction, de-humanisation, slavery. 

No wonder media-establishment-mouthpiece presstitutes (like BBC 'journalists') use it all the time.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thought 48: Nescience v Ignorance

It is important for people who make truth their business to be aware of the following semantic distinction:
  • nescience (not science, not knowledge) is not knowing or understanding because you cannot be reasonably expected to know the information or it is in fact unavailable or does not exist at all or has been occulted  (hidden from view ocultare in Latin meaning 'to hide' itself linked to oculus 'eye')
  • ignorance (ignore), as the word itself betrays, is not knowing or understanding because you choose to ignore, turn away from, what you can reasonably be expected to know and presupposes that the information is readily available and in existence and has been de-occulted or unhidden (ἀλήθεια in Greek, usually translated as 'truth', meaning precisely that, the unhidden)
The distinction is important for while nescience carries no blame with it as it is unknowing non-knowledge, ignorance is in almost all cases blameworthy because it represents a misuse of free will away from knowledge to deliberate and knowing non-knowledge.