Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thought 51: Changing The System

I had a history-geography teacher in the French equivalent of sixth form, a pro-American, pro-invasion-of-Iraq Zionist, who said to rebellious pupils that if they wanted to change the system they had to do it from within by conforming. 

This is a logical fallacy and ridiculous on its face. You cannot change the system from within because not only will the system change you long before you can effect change but in reality the system will own you long before you acquire the power necessary to change your owners which in any case is impossible, money-power (see The Power of Money) being so entrenched in the fabric of society, at the top and at large. 

Change, beauty, positivity, morality can only occur at the margins and sidelines of a de facto and de jure evil state that promotes slavery and submission, violence and hatred, fear and chaos-based control. Real progress and change can only occur in minute, almost imperceptible ways over many years, decades and centuries by enlightened and moral human beings doing the great work of communicating the principles of natural law.  

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Thought 50: Liber-ty

The Romans used the same word, liber, for book and free. Whence liber-ty. It would seem that reading, rather than working, makes truly free.