Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Thought 59: Mass Mind Control Techniques

Researcher Mark Passio (whatonearthishappening.com) uncovers 14 main methods of mass or 'soft' mind control techniques waged against the public every hour of every day (the last one, repetition, is not on the main list):

(1) Obfuscation: (a) simplicity with complexity ("the truth is so complicated I won't even bother going there") - making people think they need a PHD in advanced mathematical physics to have a claim to grasp the truth and nature's laws. In fact truth can be formulated simply and effectively with elegance since truth is nothing more and nothing less than that which is. To be sure finding out what is happening is more certain than why things are happening the way they are. (b) Gnosis with belief, i.e. making an equation between knowledge gained from direct experience and mere opinion and the holding of temporary beliefs. Political talk-shows do this incessantly, passing off un-researched opinions as actual knowledge. (c) Individuality with culture: as Terence McKenna said, "culture is not your friend. Culture is your cult." The individual is incessantly sacrificed in favour of the artificial mechanisms of coercive culture in all its manifestations. Michel Foucault discussed this process in his works. (d) Natural law principles with man-made law: natural law principles can be known by one and all and, at best, man-made law copies natural law and is thus redundant or violates it in which case man-made law is immoral. (e) Self sovereignty with the fear of punishment: how many people fear speaking out and actualising their true spirit because of the fear of being sidelined or punished by the lawmakers and law enforcers of the day?

(2) Divide and Conquer: separation of the sexes, the classes, the ages, the races, workers and welfare claimants, smokers and non smokers... Themes peddled by the mainstream media every minute of every day. The truth is we are all the same at bottom, differing only in personality traits and levels of free mindedness. Julius Caesar was able to conquer Gaul (now France) so effectively by pitting the Gallic tribes against each other through intelligence gathering before closing in on them. A unified population against the Control system and the Big Brother state is the last thing the controllers of this world want, whence their need to pit side against side, category against category, country against country, when in fact they, the governing class, are the common enemy. 

(3) Coercive, outcome-based public 'education' (more aptly termed indoctrination): the aim is not education leading to enlightenment but rather submission to authority and general conformity enforced via examinations which test the ability to memorise and repeat dubious information. School does not teach technical expertise in key areas necessary for survival and independence, thereby making us dependent on government and corporations. It also prioritises the left-brain at the expense of holistic perception which can only be the fruit of the right-brain hemisphere. Critical thinking is rarely encouraged on a significant scale. The creative activities of music and art are also sidelined in public, coercive education. Worse, there are policy documents that show a real desire to dumb the population down, for an alert, intelligent and critically-minded population is the last thing the controllers of this world want.

(4) The monetary system ('everyone worships under this church'): money is not real but a deity which all have to submit to given its centralised enforcement and equation with survival. The way money is created through central banks - fractional reserve banking with interest - reveals how fraudulent and rigged money really is but short of grassroots currencies, the trumped-up monetary system is here to stay, in an ever increasingly virtual, coercive and electronic way. Money chips implanted in the body with no physical cash in existence will arguably be the next step in the ever growing power of the international bankster community. Boom and bust economics have been said to be deliberately engineered to amass the real wealth - in the form of property assets - of the world even though financial institutions artificially created the debt in the first place.

(5) 'Food' and 'Medicine' (usually serving a depopulation and dumbing down agenda). GMOs cause cancer and destroy ecosystems yet are promoted by powers which are covertly seeking to depopulate the human population by 93% (the aimed for figure is 500,000,000 people on earth, down from 7,000,000,000). Medicine is also often double edged, serving a covert eugenics agenda. I have to research these topics more, but it is common sense that processed food is not good for the body and that vaccines and flu shots contain a whole range of poisons such as mercury and alluminium. Food is now seen as a convenience and not only lacks nutritional value but contains many toxins, including by its being packaged in plastic, yet food should really be the principal fundament and focus of human organisation. The deliberate fluoridation of water is also said to be designed so as to suppress the pineal gland (the third eye) and brain activity, literally dumbing us down and making us more docile. Alternative medicine in the shape of supplements, healing and homeopathy are constantly eliminated by Big Pharma which of course has a huge monetary interest in keeping people ill to make money out of them. Some researchers - Mark Passio and David Icke among them - have pointed to the real possibility that the cure for cancer has been suppressed, partly out of the desire to kill off as many people as possible, but also because so much money is poured into research for a cure this acts as a disincentive to produce one in fact. It could also be argued that the treatment of cancer is so lucrative, a cure would signify major economic loss for those responsible for the said treatment. Dr Leonard Horowitz, an independent researcher, has also gone to great lengths pointing out uncomfortable truths concerning emerging viruses such as Ebola and AIDS, that may have originated from government agencies with an aforementioned eugenics agenda of population control. 

(6) The denial, hassle and ridicule factor (deterring people from speaking the truth). Truth-telling is not only unpaid but can lead to being seen as crazy and paranoid. No one likes being ridiculed and the object of popular hatred. Walking the walk of communicating truth, however, requires a certain amount of being denigrated in some if not most quarters. Certainly those enmeshed in the system will do their utmost to discredit dissident truth-tellers. There is of course the ever-looming danger that one be hospitalised and subjected to psychiatric process, as was done in Stalinist Russia. Plato said "no one is more hated than he who speaks the truth" for the simple reason that truth, more often than not, is uncomfortable and people react violently to what threatens their worldview and comfort zones.

(7) False flag events also known as 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. This is also known as the Hegelian dialectic whereby you have a predetermined objective (the solution) which presented plainly would be unacceptable to the general public. So you resort to covertly creating a problem, such as a chaotic event like 9/11 and blaming it on an external enemy, causing a reaction ("something must be done") through a complicit, pathetic and subservient puppet media. You then usher in the solution to the problem you yourself have created - the intended objective all along - which people will now go along with, such as, in the case of 9/11, illegal wars in the Middle East as well as the subversion of the US Constitution. Problem, reaction, solution is used repeatedly and often, the latest obvious example being the Friday the 13th Paris attacks. 

(8) Control of the mass media: in the US, only six corporations own the entirety of the US mainstream media and those companies are themselves closely tied to the US government (which actually means mind control, gubernare + mens, mentis). Many films are tied in with the military and the CIA. Many journalists are indeed expendable CIA assets, witness the whistleblower from the German Frankfurter Allgemeine. The mainstream coverage of 9/11 is evidence enough of the biased, controlled and puppeteered nature of the news media and the entertainment industry is equally at the hands of the money men, the CIA and the military. 

(9) Exploitation of primal fears. These, according to Mark Passio, are the fear of darkness, the fear of predation, the fear of abandonment (by the alpha-male father figure), the fear of chaos. Fear is hard-wired in human beings since our ancient past and controllers know this. In fact the main purpose of mind control is to keep people in the polarity of fear where they are powerless to resist the onslaught of tyranny and dehumanisation that is the preserve and expertise of psychopathic elites. 

(10) Subversive symbology: occult symbolism is present in everyday life, including in mundane institutions such as the police and military and commercial outlets. The website www.vigilantcitizen.com covers the subversive symbolism - particularly of a satanic nature - of popular music videos and films. Having one's eyes opened to the nature of reality requires a degree of knowledge of occult symbols and esoteric concepts for these are hidden in plain sight, often as a mocking and taunting mechanism which, even though not consciously perceived by the vast majority, do act on a subconscious level. 

(11) The illusion of time: time is not in essence a resource but something that we embody as human beings. Time, in other words, is a modality in which we think (see Time Travel). In our technological era time is increasingly electronic, since it is measured that way, and thus removed from nature's movements. Administration divides time up and through employment, education and other means of coercive activity we are alienated from what is most precious: our time on earth. Time, as I said, is a mode of consciousness and Mark Passio has argued that its repetitive circularity was introduced to forestall any personal sense of progress, Passio seeing time more as a spiral that leads somewhere rather than always coming back to a fictional point zero.  

(12) Controlled opposition: this is known in elite circles as 'artificial conflict resolution' where you control both sides of a conflict to suit your own interests and endgame. War is a good example of this in the way that both sides are indebted to the same military, oil and banking institutions which provide materials to both sides and are owed debt by the warring parties, including when the war has ended for reconstruction purposes. Ditto, politics helps polarise people like a wrestling match where one side pretends to be the arch-enemy of the other yet both serve the greater goal of selling tickets, food and merchandise in their apparent opposition. Ties among politicians from both sides of the spectrum are well documented and in the 2004 US presidential election both John Kerry and George W Bush were members of the most exclusive Skull and Bones secret society. In England in 2015 the Labour candidate's wife was best friends with the wife of the opposition's second in command. Presidents and Prime Ministers follow in each other's footsteps such as Tony Blair with Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron with Tony Blair, Barak Obama with Bush Junior. And so it goes on.

(13) Religion (from the Latin religare, to hold back). The New Age movement is essentially a new religion to keep people from truly looking deeper into the fabric of society for fear of being 'too negative'. In the past Christian establishments such as the Papacy and the Inquisition served as a ruthless and cruel thought police. Truth is buried under gallons of misleading rubbish detracting people from truly apprehending the world for what it is as well as the true content of moral laws. Thus it is false religious teachings that make people become outraged by consensual homosexual sex when in fact no wrong has been committed in this practice where two consenting adults are concerned. One could argue therefore that religion makes people lose sight of essential elements of moral principles in favour of artificially created ones. 

(14) Worldview poisoning ('too many people', 'but what can I do' etc). A controller's goal is to destroy the imagination so that people no longer see change as possible and, further, are no longer able to conceive of any change to a system that is apparently so calcified. Consciousness expansion is not promoted by the mainstream media. People giving up on hope and seeing others as scum is a controller's dream as this division will make his task easier and will preserve the established hierarchy.

(15) Repetition (dictator comes from the Latin for 'to speak over and over again'). Repetition is done constantly by established (and non established) forces to create associations in people's minds and as Hitler said the more you repeat a lie, however big, the more it will taken to be truth by the vast majority. Goebbels went one step further claiming that the bigger the lie, the more would believe it.