Sunday, 26 March 2017

Thought 496: The Strong Leader Complex

People who desire to be ruled by 'strong leaders' should take heed of the saying:
"Be careful of what you wish for."
The genius fable writer of the classical world, Aesop, most amusingly portrayed the dangers of wishing for a strong leader.

The fable tells a story of how a group of frogs turned to the god-king Zeus to give them a leader. He gave them a log. At first the frogs were in awe but seeing ultimately that the log was lifeless and boring they turned to Zeus again to ask for a more inspiring leader. 

Zeus was annoyed by this new request and decided to give the frogs a hydra, i.e. a multi-headed snake whose heads grow again as they are cut off. The hydra made short shrift of the frogs, killing them all. 

[Those Germans who voted for Hitler in pre-Nazi Germany, disgruntled as they were with the liberal and 'weak' Weimar Republic, had evidently not read or understood Aesop's frogs fable.]