Sunday, 18 June 2017

Piano 24: Uninspired | original piano composition

My 27th piano composition. It's called 'Uninspired' because I felt no 'ahah' moment when writing it and found myself repeating old compositional ideas. Despite that the piece grew into a favourite of mine.

Addendum - Today (27 November 2017) I noticed an incongruity between the sheet music and this recording. The bass clef note at the seventh measure should be a B flat, as stated in the sheet music, as opposed to an F, as performed in this video, which unconscious change significantly alters the tone of the opening moments, but at least has the merit of leading the way into the descending motion towards the E, then the D, then the C and so on. Both the F and the B flat are harmonious but the B flat offers a more interesting flavour in my opinion and a nice, symmetrical contrast to the B natural four measures earlier (still in the bass clef). It is not possible at this late stage to change this recording but let it be noted that I would if I could.

Sheets here:

Audio here: