Friday, 4 August 2017

Thought 564: Diversity Includes Non-Diversity

I have already written about the phenomenon of diversity, whether political or natural (Political Diversity, Diversity as Natural Law Principle, Knowledge and Sensibility, Political Views and Identity). 

My girlfriend once wrote that fear of diversity is a nonsense because the survival of this whole planet and our species depends on diversity - which is a scientifically proven position. 

Yet it later occurred to me that diversity, including that which expresses itself in competing and often antagonistic points of view, includes the fear and hatred of diversity!

Of course there is a difference between cultural diversity and the biodiversity of the natural world and the human genome but I think the point still holds that the phenomenon of diversity is such as to include its very opposite: the existence of anti-diversity! 

That is to say, diversity expresses itself not only in endless and infinite variation but also in the co-existence of complex variety on the one hand and simple homogeneity, i.e. non-difference and sameness, on the other. 

Put more simply, therefore, diversity also entails the co-existence of difference and non-difference within its remit, because such a co-existence is itself symptomatic of a difference between one thing and its opposite (i.e. between what is different and what is the same) and therefore of diversity itself.