Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Thought 138: Employment, Unemployment

If you're employed you are in someone's employ in return for a compensatory emolument. 

In effect, they can use you as they wish, in a moral or immoral manner, government regulation (not)withstanding.

If you are self-employed you use only yourself, excepting the possibility of having others under your employ whom you can also use at will. 

If you are unemployed you are in no one's employ including your own, therefore not useable or used by yourself or someone else, whereas an employee is someone who is in some other's employ and is useable and used by that other. 

To be employed thus means being used within a certain professional context and to be unemployed means to be unused. 

Moreover, to say that someone is employable means that they are useable professionally, and to say someone is unemployable means that they are not useable professionally. 

It follows that employers are users.