Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Review 8: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Portrayal of Elite Psychopathy – A review of the leaked document Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Genuine or fabricated, this 'leaked' document from the top is a fascinating read in its own right, both for reasons of content and the underlying worldview-psychology on display. 

It is very short but covers much ground in a short space.

This is a partial document and is not complete. 

What does feature prominently in this text is the huge role given to economics as a science of control, whether it be the control of human energy through centralised monetary currency, control of the party-political system that reflects the hypocrisies of a taxed population, control of the mass media designed to keep people dumb, control of public education to keep the youth below any threshold of independent awareness and technical ability and the control and ultimate destruction of the family unit.

Human beings are but cattle, useless eaters to be enslaved and exploited for the benefit of a self-appointed ruling class looking after its own interests. 

There are many mathematical formulae that permeate this text, which I could not make head or tail of, save to notice that people are but numbers and symbols in these carefully drawn out equations. 

Reading this text should allay any doubts as to the low opinion and downright contempt the controllers of this world have for the masses and in many cases the observations made as to the inherent hypocrisies and weaknesses of most people are not necessarily untrue, unfortunately. 

You and I are seen as worthy of being enslaved due to our lack of self-determination and ability to free ourselves from the methodologies of mass control, including the monetary system. 

This text is somewhat dated in that the technological paradigm we live under now is far more advanced than that suggested and alluded to in the text, which makes our era far more frightening than that described in Silent Weapons, particularly in terms of data collection, surveillance and moves towards a cashless society with a microchipped population. 

One thing I would like to note about the psychology of this text is that it is the fruit of a very cynical, power-driven mind and however correct the narrative is in terms of how to hoodwink and control the masses, it does betray a lack of imagination and appreciation of life, completely ignoring as it does whole sways of human activity such as art, philosophy and the task of personal enlightenment, which all contribute to raising consciousness. 

As is portrayed in Dante's Divine Comedy, Satan may well send the masses to burn in flames, but he himself is encaged in ice. 

And indeed, whoever wrote this text and whoever subscribes to this ideology of control is not only unenlightened, but is a slave to fear and its need for external control making him or her a pathetic excuse of a human being, a genuine 'hollow man' to use T.S. Eliot's expression. 

The dark side of the force is indeed one of self-destruction.