Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Thought 434: People as Information

Just as food and sensory data constitute information for the brain/body to decode, whether it be the nutritive elements of a carrot or the words and picture of this blog post, it could be argued that people are information, i.e. in-form us, i.e. form us from within. 

Indeed any person in his or her appearance, smell, gestures, spoken words, habits, personality, sensory and emotional traits is a constant source of information for us to interpret and decode so to speak. This is sometimes called a person's 'vibe', i.e. vibration. It has therefore been said
"I am a part of all that I have met"
since, as I wrote above, information forms us as human beings. Thus our parents have formed us in our formative years through the information they necessarily offered us since the day we were born and the same goes for all the people we interact with but in varying levels of intensity depending on the depth of our relationship with them (see Parents as People). 

Sex with a partner is also a way to be in-formed by that partner and constitutes its very own kind of sensual information. Letter, email, text message exchanges are also ways in which we gain and offer information to the people we know. 

None of these considerations are that revolutionary, however, since all phenomenological data constituting information of sorts, it is obvious that individuals as so many unique phenomena, whether human, animal or plant, will also for their part contribute to all that is in-formative.