Friday, 21 April 2017

Thought 521: A Disclaimer about this Blog

To state the obvious, my thoughts on this blog reflect my own angle on things, as formed by a combination of my own sensibility and personality along with the formative influences and life experience that I have been privy to. 

I know that I seem very outspoken in many of my blog posts, partly due to my formal writing style, as well as dismissive of many aspects of modern culture, weary of humanity, weary of institutions such as government, jobs and the media, but the truth of the matter is I do not take myself or my opinions as seriously as what may come across at first glance

Yes, I feel that my opinions, some of them at least, are worthy to be published and therefore shared on this blog but this blog was created really as a record of my presence on this planet and I am vain enough to wish to have a personal space of my own on the internet where I can keep a full record of all my creative activity, whether artistic, musical or intellectual.  

People are free to come and drop in as they please, to like or dislike my output and even to comment and disagree. But this blog is not about pushing an agenda, saving the world or even making money but simply a diary of my ever-evolving spiritual life in various forms and chronological incarnations.

Addendum  - When I told my mother that in terms of actual print-outs, my blog consisted of 517 writings she said it was impressive that anyone might have 517 ideas. Perhaps, but whatever the number of ideas, this blog is really one thought in many, many incarnations: know thyself