Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Thought 511: People Acting in Accordance With Their Nature

"Such as we are made of, such we be." - Shakespeare
A basic tenet of Aristotelian philosophy is that all beings act in accordance with their nature.

Unfortunately he thought that slavery was justified on this basis, i.e. that slaves were slavish and therefore rightly treated as such. 

Yet modern lessons can be learnt from this tenet. 

That is to say, the influences of mass mind control and cultural programming through school, the media, the working world and other instruments of conformity might not be as definitive as is sometimes made out, provided that alternative angles are available and accessible. 

For example, school does not usually provide a strong moral education in so far as Natural Law and Philosophy is concerned, but those who are philosophical and ethical by nature will come, with time and maturity, to look at sources of information that do offer such angles. 

Conversely, those who feel at home in looking down on others and conformist bigotry generally will ignore philosophical books and read newspapers.

Those driven to practical activity will become practical workers, those driven to worldly power and financial wealth will become politicians and businessmen, those driven to seeking truth will become scientists, conspiracy researchers or philosophers, those driven to creative expression will become artists and so on.

Nature has provided a corrective to the world's caprice, as Seneca put it, as manifested in conventional homogenisation and artificial belief systems by making people, if they have the courage and will to do so, act according to their nature.

Thus we can always expect that some will be moral, concerned with truth and humane, even when mainstream culture has gone awry in its immorality, greed and superficiality. 

Similarly, we can always count on practical people to achieve practical things which are essential for any society to function. 

On the negative side, however, we can always be sure that there will be some power-hungry individuals who seek positions of worldly influence and manipulation because that is their in their nature.

In that regard, in the simplest of terms, empaths will act empathetically, psychopaths psychopathically, philosophers philosophically, craftsmen craftily, artists artistically, intellectuals intellectually, sportsmen physically, sensitive people sensitively, abusive people abusively, narcissists narcissistically etc. 

That being said, working out one's nature and acting in accordance with it can be a task of long duration, especially if this requires unlearning a great deal of false information not relating to one's true self and then, in addition, a need to accept oneself for who one is rather than what one would like to be.

It goes without saying that the same individual may partake of several natures at once, e.g. artist, intellectual, practical, physical and sensitive.