Friday, 4 March 2016

Thought 146: Calvin and Hobbes or the Art of Imagination

Calvin and Hobbes is my favourite comic strip series not only for its fine, soulful, humorous, expertly traced artwork but also for the magic it captures of a happy childhood with Calvin's imagination and childish, yet to be conventionalised, wisdom capturing all one needs to know about the rotten, enslaved, conformist world of adults as compared to the active freedom and anarchic self-expressions of the titular characters with whom many identify. 

All this delivered and presented in such a way as to bring laughs, smiles and awe at the wonder that is a human child's imagination, imagination being the key to life and death in the Mystery Tradition of Alchemy, the genuine philosopher's stone otherwise known, including in Harry Potter, as the elixir of life (see The Philosopher's Stone).