Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Thought 172: Time to Conclude: Neurosis as Number One Enemy

I will repeat myself because this is the one insight I think this entire blog – which covers all my work as a thinker and artist, introspectively and creatively – has been building up to. 

The number one enemy of humanity is neurosis.

After a decade and a half of plumbing the depths, of studying myself and others, of looking into the darkest corners of human existence, of undergoing my own mental health problems, of testing society's and my own personal limits, the statement above is the conclusion I have reached concerning the human condition. 

Mental and emotional well-being should be the number one priority of every living man and woman. 

For the record I use the word neurosis in the broadest possible way as including all forms of anxiety, insecurity, self-doubt, self-loathing, delusion, superstition, tension, obsession, envy, control freakery, hang up, awkwardness, trauma, mania, bigotry, hatred, rage, depression, suicidality, loneliness, resentment, lethargy and addiction (which is often symptomatic of neurosis). 

Now, being (largely) free of neurosis may not be the purpose or even the meaning of life but it is the sine qua non for the emergence of mental appeasement and the ability to engage in magic, that is to say, the art and science of influencing change to occur in accordance with (higher) Will (i.e. Natural Law) which is the only counterbalance to the use and abuse of sorcery by the powers that (should not) be, sorcery being the exact opposite of magic, namely the art and science of influencing change to occur with (selfish) will (ego). 

That, if nothing else, is the essence of my contribution to the so-called wisdom of the ages. 

Become well and as un-neurotic as possible, which is to say as relaxed as possible, by whatever means (intellectual, financial, social, cultural) at your disposal. 

What worked for me was looking at truth square in the face, making my peace with it, learning how to be relaxed, and moving on from there. 

Perhaps this is the route to be favoured but I can't claim that what worked for me will work for everyone. 

Discover your own method of getting well (method coming from the Greek for '(along) with the path, the way' – μετὰ όδός) and you will appreciate what I'm saying.

It could be surmised from what I've just argued that serenity and relaxation are directly proportional to one's level of enlightenment and it may be that the one true purpose of enlightenment is the attainment of what is commonly known as peace of mind

Without peace of mind little to nothing of value can be accomplished and made to manifest in the human spiritual world. 

On that note, to use a French expression, avis aux amateurs! (send out to the fans!)