Friday, 11 March 2016

Thought 153: Engineered Crisis

What people need to wrap their heads around if they haven't done due diligence as I have in the field of political truth is that the vast majority of political and economic crises are engineered to impose new rules, what researcher David Icke calls the problem-reaction-solution strategy of power (along with the totalitarian tip-toe) and what Mark Passio more ominously calls chaos-confusion-opportunity or simply chaos sorcery (sorcery being the art and science of influencing change to occur in accordance with selfish will). 

In both cases a predetermined plan is brought about by engineering a crisis, such as a terror attack, this crisis is then blamed on some patsy group (like ISIS/Al Qaida in the West) or phenomenon (cyberattacks) that is in fact extraneous to the engineered crisis, with the intended effect of causing a reaction of confusion and fear in people who turn to their government for a solution to keep them secure and safe, a solution so-called authorities duly bring about (such as liberty-destroying anti-terror laws and a controlled, surveilled internet) and which constitutes the predetermined plan that was the concealed motivation for the fabricated crisis all along.