Sunday, 14 May 2017

Thought 544: Emotional Discomfort & Truth

Those who consume conspiratorial discourses are usually aware of the fact that just because a piece of information causes emotional discomfort does it mean it is misinformation.

However, the converse also holds. Just because a piece of information causes you discomfort does not mean it is true, i.e. accords with factual reality. 

While I have been partial to conspiratorial and alternative media discourses for a number of years now, I am beginning to feel weary of them.

In fact, not only weary, but wary. Particularly of 'truth' discourses in the field of politics that do nothing but cause fear, resentment, bigotry and are otherwise often designed to push dark agendas of a political and geopolitical nature: witness the latest Cambridge Analytica revelations. 

As I said in my post Worldview Poisonings, all media, whether 'mainstream', 'social' or 'alternative' can be toxic and lead to psychological fight or flight responses (see Consequences of Worldview).

I'm starting to appreciate what Nietzsche surmised over a century ago as to the dangers for mankind to over-preoccupy itself with 'truth', seeing as he did that this could spell great danger in terms of spiritual exhaustion and even human growth. 

In other words 
"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, the only way, it does not exist."
[Consider also Hölderlin's epigram The Root of All Evil
"Being at one is godlike and good, but human, too human, the mania Which insists there is only the One, one country, one truth and one way."] 
Perhaps redefining truth away from that which is, which in practice requires aligning our perception with phenomena and events, towards that which makes meaning possible at all - a decision reached in my very first blog post - was reflective of a desire on my part to appreciate cosmic intelligence and respond to its energy as opposed to an always conflict-ridden, often illusory and ultimately elusive accuracy of perception - however convinced everyone is of being accurate in their views - which at any rate is often coloured by opinion and à priori sensibility.