Thursday, 18 May 2017

Thought 548: Technology & Control

"And truly, I love you for not knowing how to live today, you higher men! 
For thus you live – best!"

- Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Question: do we control technology or is it not rather the case that we are controlled by technology?

Does it even matter?

It seems to me that Martin Heidegger's point about technology was that we have no control over having to control it and that control would inevitably lead to a greater need for control.

In other words, technological conditions condition existence that lives under them and might even become a condition for existence itself should we irretrievably lose our last bond with Gaia, including natural procreation, when all natural conditions have been fatally compromised not to say destroyed, whether through capitalistic resource exploitation, the harm caused by technology itself such as roads that destroy natural habitats or even through conspiracies to depopulate and enslave the planet by making the earth unliveable for the majority (this last angle being the one offered by writers like David Icke and Jim Marrs). 

And yet I realise the irony that it is technology that enables me to share these concerns about technology.