Monday, 8 May 2017

Thought 538: Why Not Vote?

One may not wish to vote, not just on account of being lazy or apathetic, but out of anarchist conviction, in the sense that voting gives a certain legitimacy to representative political power as well as to the governmental system itself.

I concede that such a position goes against the flow but it is not without philosophical and factual justification, the State itself being founded not so much on a 'social contract' that I don't ever recall signing up to as on power, to wit, repressive force and the ability to levy taxes.

If one considers the State itself as being immoral, a thing which a pertinent analysis of numerous historical and current facts can only confirm, giving legitimacy to this State through voting becomes a question of conscience.

My ideal would be that no one at all takes the trouble to vote because that would show and as result put into question the very existence of centralised government (government meaning 'mind control' etymologically) managed by a clique of people who have no real authority as compared to you or me.