Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Thought 297: Angle and Truth

I argued in my previous post Interpreting Information that some angles, i.e. sensibilities and perceptions, are closer to truth than others. 

How is this so?

People who know themselves well, who have immersed themselves in factual reality, who have critically evaluated the world they live in as well as their fellow humans are bound to attain insights that are more profound and accurate than perceptions that rely solely on what mainstream sources of information and common understanding tell them to think.
"Create your own reality or it will be created for you."
At bottom it is the extent to which one is in tune with Being that, in my opinion, determines the truth-level, i.e. truthfulness, of one's views, truth simply being that which is. And being in tune with Being means considering all that is awe-inspiring as well as terrifying about existence.