Saturday, 20 August 2016

Thought 300: Role of Time in Dominion

Time is an essential spiritual currency for the task of finding oneself. If you feel you lack the time due to commitments and the obligations of, say, workaday living, you need to find the will-power in you to make the time for starting your ascent up the Mountain of Enlightenment

I know this is easy for me to preach who isn't (yet) tied to a job but the quest of knowing oneself and where one stands in the universe is certainly worth all the effort required involved in making time. 

Civilised culture allows for too little time in this regard in so far as school tends to lead to university for many - with the odd gap year in between where you are still meant to do stuff - and then to the workplace where you are generally under the thumb of your employers. 

Find the time to learn about yourself and the world you live in. The cost of not doing so is simply too high.