Thursday, 18 August 2016

Thought 298: Saying No

The word 'no' has been said by researcher Mark Passio to be the single most powerful word in the English language. 

While many popular self-help philosophies preach positive thinking and affirmation, i.e. saying 'yes' to everything, Passio is of the opinion that life is in fact a lot more about negation than affirmation.

In other words it takes a big saying 'no' to all that is wrong, immoral, disturbing, satanic in culture in order first to find oneself and then, having found oneself, to say 'yes' to that which is of true value and of true benefit to the evolution of mankind as well as your personal self. 

It is also wrong-headed and dishonest to preach the view that by focusing on the negative you somehow give power to the negative. If you have a gas leak in your house you better know about it in order to do something about it rather than go up in flames when you next light a cigarette. 

In my experience, positive thinking in actual fact has the opposite effect to that which it claims it has, i.e. it can make people feel a lot worse and at odds with themselves if this positivity does not spring from a true inner source of self-belief and attunement with one's being as well as the Being of all beings. 

When the Dalai Lama recommends ignoring the pain and suffering in the world he is preaching what is in effect a nihilistic philosophy which fails to negate and therefore even begin to address that which is contrary to cosmic law. This philosophy can only result in partially minded humans, too cowardly to confront that which is in its entirety: truth. 

It is much rather by in-forming yourself as to what is dark in the world - as well as looking at what is not - that you will become well for then you will be able to embrace the entirety of existence in your mind - not just the bright side - with a clear sense of what is right and what is wrong, losing inner self-doubt as to why the world is such as it is and to what extent and in what way you are personally contributing to either its good or bad sides.