Monday, 22 August 2016

Thought 302: Leaders and Followers

Everyone knows of Buddha but it is much harder to name other Buddhists in history who followed his example. Not that they would mind.

Followers of a cause or original thinker may serve a purpose in disseminating, spreading and giving voice to that cause or thinker but where there are followers there are leaders. 

I have a problem with leaders in the sense of human beings who are shepherds managing their flock - as practiced by many a cult and political party - because everyone should become their own leader and achieve personal dominion rather than seek to dominate others or, as the case may be, follow others. 

I have less of a problem with leaders who, while having followers, use their skill and enlightenment not to exploit these followers for selfish gain but to help and lead them to become their own leaders. 

Such was the desire of both Nietzsche and Heidegger and of contemporary thinkers like Mark Passio, James Corbett, Richard Grove and many others.