Sunday, 21 August 2016

Thought 301: Entertainment and Satanic Agendas

The French word for entertainment is divertissement which literally means distraction

While being entertained is no doubt pleasurable for most, allowing an easy escape from the world and all its problems, the fetishisation of entertainment in the Modern World - e.g. in the video games industry - can prevent people from discovering their creative sides as well as their true positioning in terms of the world they live in. 

Mainstream TV programmes as well as many video games have the effect to program people to think a certain way, usually along conformist and satanic lines of 'being the best', not being 'the weakest link', being 'popular', 'lying and cheating for success and money' (as in the reality show Survivor), embracing elite memes and never once encouraging creativity or the raising of one's consciousness. 

TV is largely sewage that can be pleasant in moderation but not as a way of life and certainly not as a source of truth and wisdom. 

There is also unwholesome contradiction within mainstream outlets, e.g. bemoaning the objectifying of women whilst having adverts with attractive, scantily dressed female models, bemoaning 'climate change' whilst selling the latest car model, keeping you up to date on cancerous foods whilst publicising processed food products on the next page and so on and so forth. 

This unclean schizophrenia in our civilisation which pretends to promote morality whilst in fact pushing satanic agendas is symptomatic of what Nietzsche called
"The confusion of the language of good and evil."