Monday, 24 October 2016

Thought 365: Basic Instinct

"Is it not better to fall into the hands of a murderer than into the dreams of a woman in heat?"

Basic Instinct, an erotic thriller film released in 1992, is thus named because in all likelihood the basic instinct in question is sex - which features prominently in the film - which itself is there to ensure the perpetuation of our species, the ultimate basic instinct being survival.

It could also have been named baser instinct because we should not kid ourselves that lust or even the will to survive at all costs come from a place of high mindedness and intellectual spirituality, even though both instincts can motivate much creativity and activity.

That self-preservation be the greatest good is the first tenet of ideological satanism - survival at all costs, doesn't matter about the others! - and while based in a basic reality of human need, the will to survive no matter what can lead to immoral action when survival is seen as superseding all other considerations. 

This is something the controllers of this world are aware of. These evil sorcerers therefore make sure there is an artificial scarcity of resources and the need for competition and war to gain access to those resources. 

Too much concern for mere survival - no matter its obvious justifications - can and does lead to being played by Satan's devious ways, entrenched as they are in many mainstream facets of corporate-driven society. 

This is what in fact happens to the character of Walter White in Breaking Bad, so concerned he is with 'providing' for his family (but really concerned with his own egoic fulfilment, providing for his family being the cover story and excuse for his immoral behaviour) that he winds up practically losing his soul and alienating his loved ones, creating no shortage of chaos in his personal life, until the very end of the show where he acts altruistically in order to save his ex-partner Jessie.

In addition too much preoccupation about survival is often symptomatic of fear-based consciousness - including an impending sense of scarcity of resources and all the competition there is for jobbing positions - and indulging too much in a polarity of fear can lead to a destruction of the higher self in favour of the baser ego. 

So this post just to say that while survival may indeed be the basic instinct, it is not for all that the highest of all instincts and can in fact contribute to manifesting suffering and negative consequences both for others and oneself.