Thursday, 17 November 2016

Lyrics Analysis: One Vision

Much as I enjoy it, the song One Vision by Queen struck me greatly in its lyrical content last night as I pondered whether or not it was preaching a satanic or a wholesome message. My conclusion now is that it is a bit of both.

The lyric "one true religion" of course makes me think of the actual one true religion in the world: money, not that that was necessarily Mercury's intention. 
"No wrong no right, I'm going to tell you there's no black and no white"
is of course utter rubbish for those who have comprehended the absolute and non relative nature of right and wrong behaviour, good and bad actions, and who have delivered themselves from the nasty demon of moral relativism not to say solipsism (only the mind exists). 
"One race, one hope"
is also ambiguous as the Nazis for their part wished to see the dominance of the so-called aryan race over all the others, but "one race" I think in this case means Mercury stating that the entire human species should be seen as one single, undivided race which is in fact the case.

Moreover it could be argued that the entire intention of the song to see one unified world with one unified people is largely compatible with New World Order plans for a single world government with a single world currency, a single religion (money presumably), a single world army and the absence of individual nations.

Anyway that's all my thoughts on the matter for now but one could spend several lifetimes analysing the content of song lyrics in popular music and seeing them for their level of moral enlightenment or, conversely, their level of satanic obscurantism.

For Lucifer is the false light, consisting of intellectuality (brain) devoid of spirituality (heart). 

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