Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Thought 352: Freedom as Threatening

Fear of chaos translates in fear of freedom. 

People who are obviously free and have achieved self-dominion can be threatening to others - especially if these former are intellectually or creatively gifted. These threatened people who have unresolved issues with themselves and are basically still unfree inside will be made uncomfortable and sometimes attack those strong enough to exude the qualities of free will and happiness. 

Great, even rude, (mental) health in someone is of course threatening to some others who remain in a mentally fragile disposition, all the more so if the rudely healthy person has genuine insight into the world and themselves, with the result that these last will interpret the rude health of the former as itself being a sign of mental illness or, at best, delusion translating in what they perceive to be a false air of superiority which will eventually make these botched individuals lash out.

In other words individuals who are at odds with themselves will react in hostile ways to those they perceive as a threat to their person and worldview, and society being largely unfree and lost in bitter resentment, untruth and illusion, it is of course natural that those who, through hard self-labour, have achieved a degree of dominion will be attacked by the many broken souls that our largely satanic society has left in its wake.