Sunday, 30 October 2016

Thought 371: Black Magic as Inversion

It is typical of black magic or sorcery to content itself with inverting sacred and esoteric concepts without bringing anything new to the table.

Thus, for example, the pentagram, sacred figure of the microcosm that is man, is inverted creating a now well-known and ubiquitous symbol of satanism. 

Ditto, mon-eye, spiritual awakening (when one's third eye or pineal gland has been activated), is inverted by dark financial occultists in the form of money, so that where the former brings truth and light into the world and therefore freedom, the latter brings falsehood and darkness with the effect of enslaving mankind. 

The same could be said of that dark symbol of National Socialism, the swastika, whose direction Hitler inverted (from anti-clockwise to clockwise), the swastika up to that point signifying the chakras in the human body (or so I read in Secret Teachings of All Ages). In fact the label National Socialist is itself an inversion of the word socialism which, strictly speaking, means ownership of the means of production by the worker-producers themselves rather than those who merely control the capital investment money.

An un-inverted swastika

Inversion is said by David Icke to be a typical technique of power of what he calls the archons who pull the true strings of our civilisation's development and course with the effect that politics destroys freedom, medicine destroys health, food destroys nutrition, schools destroy education, police destroy security, money destroys the economy, religion destroys spirituality, the media destroy truth, work destroys human relations and so on.

This inversion of a potential force for good for the purpose of promulgating a dark agenda gives weight to the view that we are indeed largely living under the thumb of black magicians/sorcerers - at least in the temporal world - who have made a pact with demons in order to acquire power and fortune and go on living for a long time, knowing there will be nothing for them after death (both David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger can testify to their undue longevity). 

The power of black magic is short lived however, even though it stands truth and the good on their heads, since resistance, rebirth and regeneration will eventually see that truth is no longer stood on its head but re-set to its proper dominant position. For Being or, as Heidegger once put it, 
"what has the character of the Beginning"
is indestructible and black magic is always dependent on standing truths on their head rather than bringing any original truths to the table; thus, though inverted, the truth remains, albeit in a concealed way, and requires merely a re-inversion to be found anew, whereas inverted truth has no independent existence outside the inversion.

It was German philosopher Hegel who said that from the point of view of common understanding, metaphysics appeared to be an 'inverted world'. I would argue that it is the world of common understanding that is inverted through sorcery and that philosophy requires seeing through the inversions created by sorcery and setting them back to their original position through magic

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)

[Speaking of Hegel, conspiracy researchers are fond of referring to the 'Hegelian Dialectic' which is a three-pronged approach to pushing through dark, power-driven agendas of control by deliberately creating chaotic events and pinning them on patsy groups. See post Engineered Crisis for a more in depth explanation of this technique. This to say, however, that the 'Hegelian Dialectic' is itself a black magic inversion of Hegel's dialectical idealism as expounded in The Phenomenology of Spirit; the interplay between thesis, antithesis and their synthesis leading to greater enlightenment and cultural evolution is replaced by problem, reaction, solution (or chaos, confusion, opportunity) for purposes of greater obscurantism and cultural involution.]

Pointing out the inversions made by the black sorcerers of consciousness and re-inverting the truths back to their natural upright inclination is one of the purposes of ScruffyOwlet's Tree. For mine is not the left-handed path.  

In conclusion, the adversary, Satan, is the great inverter of God's truth, bringing his darkness to the Creator's light if you will, the black sun to the true sun, but is nevertheless incapable of creating his own original cosmic laws. Divine wisdom thus involves being able to see through (thought) and unmake (action) Lucifer's inversions which could be commonly referred to as mind control methodologies. 

See older post Evil as Test for a more elaborate description of what identifying and resisting evil entails.