Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Thought 359: Rite of Passage - Commercial Predation

I will be the first to admit that acquiring things commercially has brought me much happiness, apart from necessities, in the shape of music (songs and sheets), books, a digital piano, this laptop I'm typing on and so forth. 

But commercial society today is all-encompassing and many merchants or scammers will prey on people's weaknesses and vices, such as a relentless need for sexual fulfilment, and will do their utmost to play on people's emotions and desires (including the completionist and collector's instincts) to milk money out of them.

As someone said on twitter, humanity is about to pass an unprecedented rite of passage, what with the New World Order agenda, the decimation of public services and welfare programmes, all-seeing surveillance, the phasing out of cash currency, negative interest rates, robotisation of workplaces (physical and metaphorical, robot coming from the Tcheque word for slave worker/drone), ubiquitous mental health problems and breakdowns, poisoned food and water supplies, financial institutional malpractice and abuse, harmful technological realities, air and environmental toxicity, militarised police, engineered killer diseases, harmful pharmaceutical drugs and more. Ever-more ferocious commercialism also belongs to this list.

Now more than ever is it the time to take care of oneself, avoid what harms one's soul and indulge in that which heals and strengthens it, create meaningful and loving relationships and friendships, inform oneself about true as opposed to manufactured realities, open one's heart and crown chakras to be in tune with Being and perhaps engage in creative industry. 

Failing that one will fall victim not only to mind control methodologies and toxic influences but be mercilessly preyed on by negative commercial predation that seeks to capitalise on people's insecurities, vices and fantasies which are often neither wholesome nor temperate. 

Acquiring free will, i.e. reaching that stage in your psychic life where you truly act as you think and feel, i.e. are no longer dual and divided but an in-divi-dual in the proper sense, will protect you against the rapacious demands made on your wallet as you will be able to self-control and resist consumer temptation and easy-to-spot scams.

This ability to be discriminating will in turn help you give your purse power over to causes, businesses and creators who are fighting the good fight. 

Now I know that, for my part, I am and have been very far from perfect in these areas so I am not preaching from a high stool or throne but very much as someone who gives in to the acquisitive pleasure when it takes over.

Buying things is not a wrong in itself but I guess it takes knowing oneself (and the market) well to make purchases that are of true value for one's existence.