Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Thought 222: The Meaning and Effects of Enlightenment

Questions: is the link made between enlightenment and personal serenity a true one? does being enlightened mean being at peace or rather being angry at injustice and immorality? does true enlightenment require action as suggested by the saying "to know and not to do is not to know"?  what is enlightenment? 

Answers: As regards the last question I would say enlightenment means treating yourself and others with care. I would also argue that enlightenment that is not put into practice is nil because that signals a disjunction between thought, emotion and action, a divided consciousness so to speak. 

My answer to the first two questions would be that treating oneself and others with care contributes to being at peace with oneself and that anger does seem to wear off - it has for me - the more one looks at the big picture and accepts not only oneself but others as they are

[Mark Passio, though enlightened, is angry because he does not accept people as they are and their lower level of consciousness. I'm not saying he is wrong in being of that disposition but it is not one that I share with him.]