Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thought 202: Employment Bullshit – My Economic Ideal

If employment consisted only in doing tasks, even merely for the purpose of making money for someone else and being compensated by a salary, then it would be a breeze. 

However there is a human element in the workplace which means dealing with nagging and moody bosses, lazy colleagues, arsy customers and negative social interactions including bullying which cause stress in the mind and the nervous system.

Jobs can also place a great deal of pressure on people to meet impossible targets, be everything to everyone, be happy and smiley at all times whilst not compensating monetarily for all this emotional labour and often not valuing the hard work of employees in keeping the business running. 

If you look up global statistics on happiness in work they are ridiculously low and I'm sure many would envy my lifestyle of not having to worry about money, having unlimited time (which, unlike money, is a true currency), not having to get up at some unholy hour to go to a job, and indulging in creative pursuits and whatever takes my fancy generally. 

I can understand the bitter hatred of workers against welfare claimants like myself, especially when some tax supported claimants are financially better off and have it comparatively easy compared to the long suffering labouring population. 

It is the curse of employment, which is all the more a curse because of the immorality of monetary exploitation and human beings preying on others for the sake of profit, that has always made me lean towards thinkers who dreamt of a mutual aid economic system where people perform tasks that actually perform a genuine service for others and where monetary or physical slavery is non-existent.

Apart from attending to basic necessities such as food, shelter, healthcare, which people would gladly do anyway, work should be voluntary and were humanity more enlightened and moral than it is now, and consequently more free, a mutual aid economy could potentially work (pardon the pun) for the benefit of all without the theft of taxation let alone the even worse theft of time and freedom for the sake of having to make money. 

I do follow with interest attempts at creating grassroots, community-based currencies be it non central bank money or time banks where there are no winners (i.e. predators) or losers (i.e. prey) but only the desire to see that others are provided for and cared for in exchange for their services to the community. 
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."
Only fools who've fallen prey to false economic worldviews and other false idols not to mention human predators themselves need take issue with this quote from the maligned Karl Marx for all the flaws in his theorising. 

Natural Law, like truth, is simple. 

The more moral human beings are, the more freedom manifests in the world and the more happy the human community. 

While French essayist de La Rochefoucauld had it right when he wrote
"We all have strength enough to endure the misfortunes of others"
a deeper insight into Natural Law is expressed as follows
"As one suffers, all suffer"
because a moral, i.e. enlightened, community would not simply endure the suffering of one of its members but address it.