Saturday, 28 May 2016

Thought 225: Importance of the Heart

"Have a healthy mistrust today, you superior humans, you stout-hearted ones! You open-hearted ones! And keep your grounds a secret! For this today belongs to the mob."

"χαῖρε νόῳ, he is glad at heart."

 - Martin Heidegger, What is Called Thinking?

Becoming enlightened requires unlocking or opening one's heart and listening to it. 

In addition evangelist Matthew was right when he wrote
"Where your heart is, there will be your treasure also."
All my artistic creations originate from my heart chakra as mediated by my head chakra. 

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the Western world and this could have something to do with the fact that many people out of conformist fear have shut themselves off from their hearts.

Dark occultists want to destroy the feminine principle of care (as ritualised in the cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove) and the effigy of the secret society Skull and Bones in America contains the skull (thought), the bones (action) but no heart (emotion) (see Skull and Bones).

Psychopaths of course do not have feelings originating from heart perception whence their destructiveness and callousness towards others and Mother Nature. 

[Obscuranti overlord David Rockeller is rumoured to have reached such an old age through repeated heart transplants (6) but the presence of the physical organ does not necessarily mean it is a working seat of emotion and care.] 

Due to fear at school that stayed with me as an adult, I was closed off from my heart for many years and this spelt trouble for my well-being and sanity, causing no end of depression and general neurosis.

[The suicide attempt of my unhappy youth did involve attempting to stab myself in the heart and there could not have been a more symbolic act of my hatred towards my emotional centre had I tried.]

It was only when I stopped being on the defensive, putting a front on and wearing psychological armour, it was only when I was no longer afraid of being hurt and wounded that I became well. For it was only then that I allowed my heart to express itself and heal my psyche. 

And buddhists are right in saying there is no greater form of health than happiness or, in Greek, σωφροσύνη.