Friday, 13 May 2016

Thought 210: The Devil's Music

Author's note: This blog post is symptomatic of my exposure to conspiracy sources online, particular of US (and likely Christian) origin, that are increasingly taking hold of the imagination of the UK and even of the European masses, sources which I now find, for the most part, unpalatable to the extreme and, more often than not, (crypto-)fascist, anti-semitic and populist, as has been revealed, for example, by the 'alternative news' website Info Wars coming out in support of Donald Trump and the ugly slave-mind rants of ressentiment of a Paul Joseph Watson – who used to 'work' for said website – or the pseudo-authoritative panderings of a pseudo-thinker like Jordan Peterson, to whom my post Crowd-Pleasing Rabble Panderers is mostly dedicated along with the likes of cult-leader-in-all-but-name Stefan Molyneux and his vociferous base of market & money whores.

Jordan Peterson, in his popularising and cheapening of Nietzsche's work, is a fulfilment of Zarathustra's bad dream from The Child with the Mirror according to which 
"my teaching is in danger, weeds want to be wheat!
My enemies have become powerful and have distorted the image of my teaching, so that those dearest to me must be ashamed of the gifts I gave them. 
My friends are lost to me; the hour has arrived to seek my lost ones!"–
Stefan Molyneux, for his part, in using cult-techniques of family disassociation by way of his resentful YouTubed gesticulating and preaching of death, strikes me as Modern World testimony to the truth of the same Zarathustra's warning advice to higher (wo)men in the Fourth and Last Part of Thus Spoke Zarathustra that states:
"Whatever the mob once learned to believe without grounds, who could by providing grounds – overthrow it?
And in the market one convinces through gestures." 
These panderers to the angry, resentful and frustrated (usually white and white-collar) (wo)men of a decadent civilisation, panderings that never really get at the bottom of that which calls us to think and question – namely our relationship to Being and Time and the state of our bodily souls – and never even begin to grapple with the philosophical, even theological, grounds of those things which they are resentful about and hard-done by, namely, most of all, that God is dead and that truth can no longer be what is valid for everyone (see also A Vengeful Repudiation of Revenge?).  

The Devil's Music

"Rock has always been the Devil's music" 
said David Bowie to Rolling Stone magazine on Feb 12, 1976. 

It has been said that Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones, claimed that Anton LaVey (founder of the Church of Satan) helped inspire their music. 

Blues genius Robert Johnson is rumoured to have made a pact with the Devil to become the greatest blues artist of all time provided he agreed to die young.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is well known to have had a penchant for (dark) occult teachings, such as those of Alistair Crowley. 

Here is a picture of the Beatles doing the 666 and devil horns signs with their hands:

Bernie Taupin, songwriting partner of Elton John, said of the latter: 
"Elton John's home is laden with trinkets and books relating to Satanism and witchcraft." 

Most modern MTV music strikes me as satanic in both sound (stimulating the reptilian brain rather than the neocortex) and visual representation with often perverse sexual overtones (e.g. Katy Perry's California Gurls music video) and questionable lighting techniques, not to mention allusions to dark occult rituals such as in Lady Gaga videos. 

Still from the appalling California Gurls video

Speaking of Katy Perry, she apparently said
"When I started I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn't work out, so I sold my soul to the Devil."
Rock'n Roll of course was an American term from the Southern States meaning sexual intercourse.

Here is rapper Jay Z doing the all-seeing illuminati sign and his label is called Rockefella Records, presumably in reference to the alleged 'illuminati' Rockefeller dynasty. 

Influential songwriter Bob Dylan said in interview that he owed his success to
"the Big Guy who runs the show"
or something like that. 

I think he meant Satan, not God. 

AC-DC's album Highway to Hell is said to have been used in a military context. 

Miley Cyrus videos have been linked to illuminati MK Ultra ritualised child abuse and bands like Muse and Immortal Technique have made explicit reference to MK Ultra. 

Still from Muse's The Handler video which references Project Monarch for those in the know of the symbolism and the realities of that darkest of corners

Disney has been found to insert sexual subliminal messages in some of their kids movies – this can easily be verified on youtube – and Walt Disney himself has been claimed to be a practicing satanist. 

In any case the internet is replete with deep and sometimes valuable analysis of the subversive and lascivious symbolism present in modern popular culture and music.

A good source for this kind of analysis is

For hidden meanings and messages in mainstream cinema has a great film analysis section that draws on profound esoteric knowledge. 

Of course, none dare call it a conspiracy.

Addendum - Of course there are countless further examples of the link between Rock music and Lucifer's influence but sometimes this can be possibly seen as the fruit of a rebellion against the outmoded and hypocritical Christian moral worldview such as one finds in Conservative households in America which can be a great fetter on creativity. 

I myself have been fascinated by Lucifer in the past (see post Lucifer, Light Bearer).