Saturday, 14 May 2016

Thought 211: Truth and Feeling

Independent researcher Mark Passio claims that the veracity of a piece of information cannot be gaged by how it makes you feel

It is a contradiction in terms - not to say inadvisable - to think (head) with one's emotions (heart).

Emotions, which move you as suggested by the term motion, are best described, in my opinion, as the framework within and from which thoughts come to consciouness and manifest in speech and the written word. 

For him, and I would largely agree, truth, at least the factual as opposed to the philosophical kind, is absolute and independent of personal perception which wavers and can be in error.
"[Factual] [t]ruth consists of all the events that have already taken place." - Alfred North Whitehead
[For more elaboration on this point see previous post Truth is Objective but No One is Omniscient.]