Saturday, 10 December 2016

Thought 411: Ignoring One's Forte

To those wondering why I have produced so little of late in terms of musical and artistic creation I have to confess to seeing thought communication as my natural forte since possessing in my view an uncanny gift for seizing and verbalising the most juste. (I often complete other people's sentences for them when they hesitate as to what word to use). 

In my previous post Sense of Accomplishment, I offered a theory according to which many might come to neglect their forte, i.e. what they are naturally and temperamentally suited for and best at, because, it coming easily to them, it fails to bring them a lasting and self-boosting sense of accomplishment since not requiring much effort. 

And indeed I do not feel that accomplished for writing as much as I do, but I am also aware that the other forms of creative self-expression I occasionally indulge in, which require more effort since less natural to me and therefore making me feel more accomplished in achieving them, are not first rate and do not always compare favourably with the works of other composers and artists with which I am familiar. 

That being said as soon as I run out of ideas for written-based blog posts I will gladly return to the other strings of my bow since there is some truth in the saying that if you do not use your talents and acquired skills you will lose them.