Thursday, 15 December 2016

Thought 416: Time it Takes to (Not) Know Oneself

I hinted at the following insight in my previous post Know Thyself - My Example: if you are deep enough, knowing yourself can take a lifetime and, similarly, it can take a lifetime or more to get to know the deep souls of authors like Plato, Montaigne and Shakespeare. 

It could also be argued that it can take a lifetime or more not to know oneself and simply shy away from one's inner being, preferring to distract oneself in fleeting business and subscribe to dogmatic beliefs available in plenty. 

Researcher Mark Passio has summarised what he calls the barriers to self-realisation (real-eyes-ation) in the following way:
  1. Ego identification/ego attachment (including identifying with the roles we play in society and not being able to admit to being wrong or that our perception is not equivalent to truth but can only be more or less aligned with it)
  2. Outcome-based public education better termed indoctrination (that discourages self-exploration and critical thinking)
  3. The prison of the left-brain (rigid dogmatic beliefs that do not deal in creative, alternative or intuitive truths)
  4. Institutionalised belief systems (money and the leash that is religion being the main ones)
  5. The five sense illusion (the belief that there is nothing outside what we perceive with our senses)