Monday, 26 December 2016

Thought 426: Men as Mutants

"For only one who is man enough will – redeem the woman in the (wo)man."

It's interesting to note that the default natural position is that we be female and that men are the result of a mutation caused by the y chromosome, a mutation presumably introduced so that we may procreate and therefore perpetuate as a species. 

Men can be seen as the enablers for females to become pregnant, putting their generative seed inside women whose eggs may thereby become fertilised. 

As such women are the gatekeepers, carefully picking as the case may be which of the key-holding men may enter their (fertile) kingdom. 

Put differently, men procreate outside of themselves and women (womb-men) within themselves. Many a man's desire is indeed to get access to a woman's womb but women do for their part feel better about themselves, generally speaking, when desired by these enablers as worthy soil to sow (metaphorically speaking). 

Commercial and spectacular society of course capitalises on this fear of women of not being seen as attractive and therefore worthy of being sown to make money from them through all kinds of cosmetic beauty products. 

Yet men too have to be attractive to a degree, if not in looks then in charisma, humour and perhaps even social status to be seen as worthy candidates for entering the vaginal gates. 

The fact that it's men who are the mutants or the aberration, so to speak, should give us ground to consider why humanity is so often referred to as man-kind or simply 'man', not helped by the Bible making out that Adam, who might well have been sexless, preceded Eve.