Friday, 9 December 2016

Thought 410: Mr Banks Saying Thank You

A Disney (and indeed movie) scene I will never forget: Mr Banks earnestly and succinctly saying thank you to his son Michael for giving him the tuppence back after the chaos Michael caused at his father's banking workplace. 

N.B. No doubt the reason this moment is so poignant is that Mr Banks is also, on a deeper level, saying thank you to his son for having saved his soul (see Mystery Followed by Liberation: the Flying Kite in Mary Poppins) and forced him to reconsider what truly matters - financial accounts in the form of money and status or spiritual accounts in the form of mon-eye (see Money and Mon-eye) and morality. 

Mr Banks is therefore well named, because the balance in one's financial bank may vary in direct opposite proportion to the balance of one's spiritual bank, and juggling the two 'bank' accounts together usually requires much nimbleness and adeptness at life.