Saturday, 18 June 2016

Thought 243: Economics as Silent Weapon

Many times before on this blog I have shared the view that the science of economics is overrated and wrong-headed, particularly if never dealing with the money issue and moral questions generally (see, for example, Economic-less). 

In the elite handbook Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, the science of economics is precisely seen as one of those 'silent weapons', namely the most effective way to control and direct people's energy, acting as a leash so to speak (which is the etymological meaning of the word 'religion' - see The Double Etymology of Religion). 

For the writer of that book, wordly power lies with the book-keepers, those who understand the laws of money creation and money distribution. 

The movie Batman Begins points to such a conspiracy when the League of Shadows leader Ra's Al Ghul states to Bruce Wayne newly developed techniques used by his secret society to bring civilisation into disrepair: economics is one of them.