Thursday, 9 June 2016

Thought 236: Initiating and Producing

It is rightly said that initiating a task is half the job and completing the job is also a substantial part of the effort required. 

This is true also of starting a new activity, such as drawing or music. Although I have harped on about critical faculty in previous posts, one needs to at least begin to produce, i.e. bring forth, something to be able to use one's judgement in perfecting the skill and the work. 

Too much critical faculty can actually be a barrier to creative labour and one needs to relax and be self-confident enough to trust the inspiration or idea in order to even begin bringing it forth through the creative deed.

Sometimes the first idea in your head is the best one and I have used this technique for all my Puppet Monst comics. My latest piano composition was called Uninspired because it felt like I was repeating ideas from previous compositions without any 'ahah' moment ever coming to mind.

Despite that I have enjoyed listening to Uninspired a great deal and my Puppet Monst comics are perhaps the most relatable of all my works, judging from Facebook attention among family and friends.