Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Thought 252: Money as Satan's Currency

I would argue that money (unlike mon-eye, spiritual awakening) enslaves far more than it liberates and preys on people's minds, determining the majority of their actions and behaviours and whether or not they're close to destitution or already destitute.  

Psychopathic controllers who determine money creation and distribution know this and the financial system is what runs the whole satanic game of modern civilisation. 

The religion of the (Dark) New World Order is money as evidenced by the iconography on US dollar bills and other cash currencies. 

As I've written before (Rewards for Psychos, No Rewards for Empaths) money is the devil's currency, ensnaring people to live in contradiction with their moral selves, and time and attention are God's currencies, giving rise to care, for oneself and others. 

Care for oneself and others is enlightenment.