Monday, 27 June 2016

Thought 250: Seeking Recognition

"Vanity is perhaps one of the most difficult things for a noble person to comprehend [.] [...]

It is only when forced (namely with the help of history) that the noble person realises that from time immemorial, in all strata of people who are in some way dependent, base people were only what they were considered to be. [...]

We can see it as the result of a tremendous atavism that, to this day, ordinary people still wait for an opinion to be pronounced about themselves before instinctively deferring to it. [...]

The vain take pleasure in every good opinion they hear about themselves [...],
just as they suffer from every bad opinion. 

This is because they submit – they feel submissive – to both good and bad opinions out of that oldest instinct of submissiveness which erupts within them.–"

- Beyond Good and Evil, number 262

While seeking recognition may be a necessity for purely monetary purposes, I do not think the need for external recognition should govern and determine the existence and content of one's creative output. 

I personally enjoy lack of recognition (see post: Freedom that Comes with Little Attention - Ego Attachment), as giving me more creative freedom and preventing the pressure of expectation from building up. 

I am not saying that the odd connection made with one's audience and finding out that one's creations are at times enjoyed and of benefit are not a huge boost to one's creative self-confidence but you cannot expect this to happen. 

In fact it would be a recipe for disappointment as most people simply do not care - nor should they - in what someone else, including yourself, has brought forth. 

This is why I am so anti the monetary system, especially when it comes to creativity, because it forces one to make a business out of what should be given freely and widely, the best creativity indeed springing from freedom.