Monday, 6 June 2016

Thought 234: What is Intelligence?

Intelligence denotes an individual's capacity to intelligise, i.e. process information, so as to understand it

It is no accident that intellectual Hannah Arendt sought not to 'influence' others but merely to understand - according to what she told a German interviewer - and help others in their understanding along the way.

Intelligence does not mean enlightenment, which denotes acting morally towards oneself and others, and is different from mere intellect which might be able to process difficult information without understanding it. 

It has been sometimes argued that intelligence denotes right-brain creative/intuitive faculties as well as left-brain logical/rational faculties working in unison whereas mere intellect is devoid of creative capacity, being firmly placed in left-brain modalities of analytical and unintuitive thought. 

I realise that in scientific reality the left-brain, right-brain distinction may be overstretched but in my estimation the distinction retains tremendous conceptual and philosophical value precisely for the purpose of understanding the differences that lie between people's angles and behaviours.