Friday, 2 September 2016

Thought 187: Free Will as Acquired

To the tired and over-beaten debate over whether or not free will exists and to what extent I offer the following suggestion, inspired by the Mystery Tradition of Freemasonry and others:

Free will is acquired and not innate.

The journey towards enlightenment is precisely about acquiring free will which is to say, dominion, otherwise known as self-ownership. Unenlightened people do not possess free will as their thoughts, emotions and actions are disjunctive; they are not properly speaking individuals but rather divi-duals as they are both divided and dual. 

Unity consciousness, whether of a light or dark kind, is what enables free will to occur and be exercised at will, pardon the pun. Without it one is slave to one's emotions or one's thoughts, or both of these in opposition or, worse still, we engage in actions that are out of sync with both our thoughts and emotions.

Free will occurs and occurs only when you can say without hypocrisy
"As I think, so I feel and so I act" 
in that precise order.

In other words, free will is a possibility that can emerge when one has aligned one's thoughts with one's emotions and with one's actions.