Thursday, 21 April 2016

Thought 189: Sensitivity as Emotional Astuteness

"I love him whose soul is deep even in being wounded,
and who can perish from the smallest experience:
thus he goes gladly over the bridge."

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

There is much confusion surrounding the concept of sensitivity but I think the best definition of it ever given to me was that sensitivity is emotional astuteness

In other words, sensitivity and emotional intelligence are the same thing. 

Being sensitive and in touch with one's emotions is a very positive trait but can have knock on side-effects such as being affected by negative vibes, upsetting events and interactions and the general toxicity of mainstream culture as I see it. 

Those who are sensitive, i.e. in touch with their emotions, will have to learn not to fall prey to them but listen to them and apply care, knowledge and will to overcome confusions as to whose emotions they are feeling – us sensitive types pick up on others' emotions sometimes confusing them with our own – and steer them carefully by monitoring the content of their thoughts. 

This monitoring of one's thoughts is an essential skill for sensitive people because high emotionality can lead to being ruled by one's emotions and even attempting to think with one's emotions when at best emotions should only be the framework within and from which thoughts manifest themselves.

This skill can be developed into a fine art and it is amazing the extent to which the content of one's thoughts can affect the body's chemistry and general well-being but the goal, and this is the goal, is to achieve what Mark Passio calls present moment awareness, i.e being aware of the whole whilst being engaged in the now.

As a sensitive teenager I erroneously believed that present moment awareness involved being entirely focused on tiny minutiae but as I grew older and more self-confident I learnt that true living in the now means being aware of the whole at all times. 

This awareness of the whole is the greatest remedy against neurosis, provided one has fully accepted oneself, because everything appears as it truly is and as I wrote in my blog post below, fear is illusion

Being aware of the whole lets you be unphased and largely unaffected by (sudden) externals occurring in physical reality and being unaffected essentially means being relaxed and in control. 

So the lesson I've learnt as a sensitive person is to never allow myself to be ruled by emotional re-actions and always monitor my thoughts carefully so that I may be psychically aware of the whole in which my physical existence takes place and benefit from the serenity that comes with that union with the whole or, put differently, the universe.