Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Thought 194: Secret Laughter in Places of Power

Daily Mail writers and editors probably secretly laugh at the gullibility of their readership and the same applies to Sun workers as well as all the usual suspects. 

In fact this secret laughter is perhaps not reserved to newspapers or even media outlets such as Fox News and Time magazine but I suspect applies across the entirety of real centres of power and influence.

Researcher Mark Passio who used to be a priest in the Church of Satan which happens to be populated by extremely powerful and influential figures in society regularly reminds his listening audience of the belly laughs he heard from these so-called sorcerers of consciousness who love to manipulate their way to power and stay there by all the (immoral) means at their disposal. 

These belly laughs, you will have guessed it, were at the expense of the unsuspecting masses who lap up their garbage and buy into their lies.