Friday, 29 April 2016

Thought 196: Ridiculous Nature of Speculative Markets

It amuses me no end that the international value of our monetary currency which determines what and how much we can purchase or transfer abroad is determined by what are essentially speculative gamblers on worldwide currency markets.

Money being in its essence fake anyway (as opposed to mon-eye, spiritual awakening) it goes to show the extent to which our societies are not only unenlightened but downright insane.  

In fact it's not only currency markets that are downright insane but all speculative markets based on the solipsistic belief that perception is reality and reality is perception.

Such a belief, in its current phoney almighty status, and its hourly application worldwide through the thoughts, emotions and actions of so many traders and business people will surely translate into murderous and dire consequences for all, even those innocent of taking part in it. 

Ignore cosmic law at your own (and others') peril. Financial and personal bubbles will always wind up bursting.