Saturday, 23 April 2016

Thought 191: Truth is Simple

Contrary to popular belief, truth is always simple. 

Key insights into the laws of nature and psychology can be expressed in the simplest of terms that (almost) everyone can grasp. 

And in my opinion simple but true insights always bear repeating. 

The perception that truth has to be complicated in my view stems from spiritual confusion and a lack of discernment as to how cosmic law really works. 

All that being said, simplicity is not the same as something being easy to fully grasp or express. 

Obfuscating simplicity with complexity is of course a technique of mind control, putting people off from engaging in thoughtful and introspective labour due to reasons of perceived intellectual inadequacy.
"The splendour of the simple"
should not be underestimated. 

Nor should the authority of such a thinker as Isaac Newton when he said (according to a dubious twitter source):
"Nature is pleased with simplicity and nature is no dummy."
To this we may add both an excerpt from the twelfth chapter of the Confession Fraternitatis belonging to the Rosicrucian order:
"Believe us, Truth is simple and unconcealed, while falsehood is complex, deeply hidden, proud, and its fictitious worldly knowledge, seemingly aglitter with godly luster, is often mistaken for divine wisdom." 
and Friedrich Nietzsche's observation according to which:
"Heads fully mature, finally, love truth also where it appears plain and simple and is boring to ordinary people: they have noticed that truth is accustomed to impart its highest spiritual possessions with an air of simplicity.
Yet, he later wrote,
"the simplest things are very complicated – a fact at which one can never cease to marvel."
See later blog post Complexity in Simplicity for more elaboration on this last point.