Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Thought 331: Culture of Fear in the Workplace

It is a sad sign of how intolerable mainstream reality is becoming when so many modern workplaces promote and engineer a culture of fear among their employees who are forced to compete with each other, put a permanent fake front on for the sake of phoney 'customer service', put up with bullying from managers, supervisors and customers without saying a word, made to feel constantly inadequate and not good enough and otherwise constantly judged and evaluated for their every action, such as occasionally losing their temper, no matter how human and natural

This is all on top of doing the actual work and often being paid a shit wage for the privilege. Workplace engineers seem to think that an atmosphere of fear and control - using the threat of redundancy or being sacked - is conducive to better output and profit, and it is likely that those who suffer when they're low in the hierarchy will eventually take delight in causing others to suffer when they finally reach a more senior position. This is not only immoral but psychologically twisted and sick. 

The mainstream workplace is for me the greatest sign of how dysfunctional our societies have become and in my opinion pinpoints all that is inhumane and evil in agendas of so-called 'human resource' management and corporate control which are all given to the satanic entity of monetary currency (see Money as Satan's Currency).