Saturday, 3 September 2016

Thought 314: Emotional Data as Teacher

Although in previous postings I have said that it is inadvisable, not to say contradictory, to think with one's emotions that is not to say that emotional data is not also information that can be used in knowing oneself and the world. 

Emotional data, such as that which occurs from a stress or anger reaction or simply feeling down, is there for a reason and perhaps things that affect us emotionally are there to teach us something about ourselves and the world.

The trick is to use one's critical, higher brain faculties to attempt to interpret said data and thereby grow all the wiser for it, provided this interpretation has been done with conscious care, knowledge and will. 

In other words, emotions can teach us a great deal about what is actually going on, e.g. in our relationships with other people, provided we listen to them and interpret them correctly.

Researcher Mark Passio is of the opinion that emotions provide us with a moral compass (whence compassion) and attempts to dampen emotions down with the aid of psychiatric drugs are dangerous. 

It remains that interpreting emotional data in one's mind-body complex is in-tuition in the proper sense of the word: teaching yourself (tuition) from with(in) your instincts (see Intuition).

Problems will occur, however, if emotions take over and rule your thinking but that is another story for another day.