Thursday, 1 September 2016

Thought 312: Feeding the Hungry

The fact I choose to share my philosophical and artistic output may give off the impression that I'm seeking recognition by and influence over others, which could be read as betraying a deep seated need for external validation as I show off whatever gifts I may possess.

I've discussed the problem of external recognition, i.e. validation, before, saying this is indeed a problem if such a concern is the sole reason behind both the existence and content of your creative production (see Seeking Recognition). 

Perhaps as an idealist I like to think that it is best to be driven to create, at least when money is not an issue, for the possible pleasure of doing so and the possible pleasure of others if they like what you have to say in word and work. 

As Nietzsche opined in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, nourishing others in such a way is also self-nourishment, all beings being connected at root. 
"He who feeds the hungry feeds his own soul. Thus speaks wisdom."
['Hungry' in this instance need not mean hunger for mere physical food but hunger for spiritual foods too like art and music.]

As regards my intellectual output my goal is not to influence the content of the thoughts of others who will have different angles and sensibilities than I do but to, at least initially, understand myself as well as my positioning in the world.

By publishing my musings I am keen to inspire others to understand themselves and their positioning in the world and trust their own intellectual/creative instincts if they happen to be moved by my example. 

Thus it could be said that my goal is to inspire by example rather than to influence by content.