Thursday, 29 September 2016

Thought 340: Position on the Money Issue


Perhaps disagreement on the money issue, i.e. whether it be a force for good or for ill, stems from a difference in sensibilities, some viewing monetary currency as a liberating and energising entity despite the abuse and manipulation that goes on at the top (and the bottom) while others, like me, view it as an intrinsically enslaving and therefore immoral construct, binding people to live in contradiction with their true selves and their true instincts since forced to acquire it by whatever means, moral or immoral, possible in order to simply survive.

Of course I am aware of being a possible hypocrite concerning this debate since it is indeed money - as I receive it through social benefits - that enables me to write this blog and share my ideas, but that has as much to do with my living under monetary conditions as it does a possible bad faith and blind spot of mine as to the benefits of money, at least when you happen to have some. 

I have had a disagreement with another anarchist on the money issue, he seeing money as a force for positive outcomes, provided there is a free market in monetary currencies that are not skewed in favour of immoral centralised interests, and I instead seeing money as intrinsically problematic by nature as not being something that is required if all were self-responsible sovereigns, helping the community and receiving from the community in equal measure. 

In other words my position at the moment is that, in a truly moral and enlightened community, where all or at least the vast majority are their own masters in tune with Moral Law, there would be no need for the monetary entity to exist as these internal monarchs, so to speak, would see the intrinsic benefit in giving to the community in return for what they receive from it, understanding that 'he who feeds the hungry nourishes his own soul' and that 'as one suffers, all suffer' (see Employment Bullshit - My Economic Ideal).

I cannot help but think that, the human condition being such as it is, there is too much room for abuse and manipulation if we allow a fictional entity determine the value of all things, artificial and natural, and how and in what way we should apply our Creator-given energy since manipulation and immorality, such as that stemming from psychopathic pieces of garbage, are part of the current condition of our species and these immoral people arguably thrive on conditions that are artificial rather than cosmically-ordained.

Addendum - It will be retorted that I do not give back to the community, at least in terms of money, what I receive through welfare benefits and I plead guilty to this charge (see Society as Shit Fest - My Anti-Conformity, Anti-Conformity as Hypocrisy?, The Dangerous Quest for Consistency, Coming Clean).